Video Class Resources

Feel free to watch these videos at your own pace to reinforce many of the Cinematography/Videography filming techniques as well as Lighting, Composition, Audio and Editing needed to succeed in our industry.

(special thanks to the people who made the videos- I have been sharing them in my classes for years and am so grateful to have them as resources)


(I don’t know this Curtis Brownjohn fellow, but if he were my student, he would easily gotten an A! This video has been used in my Film, Video and News Production classes for years as a great example of so many basic and intermediate techniques- and also edited with Adobe)

Camera Techniques for better filmmaking!

(From the gents at FilmRiot, one of the favorites- awesome explanation of the filmmaking techniques we use all the time in Film and Videos. A great reinforcement to my composition lessons)

PRE-PRODUCTION- so…you want to make a movie, well, get WRITING!

(These days DSLR and Mirrorless cameras have made filming everything ‘look’ better! Seriously, shoot a stick on the ground next to a clump of leaves with a camcorder, then do the same thing with a cheap DSLR and a kit lens- and boom, CINEMA… ok, not quite, but just having the ‘look’ isn’t good enough, good films need an arc and that only comes from good writing!)

 (another amazing Pre-Production workshop from Academy Award Winning Producer, Tammy Tiehel-Stedman at our Greenfield Youth Film Festival Workshop)

EDITING- Cuts and Transitions

(easily one of the best and clearest explanations not only about how to make great cinematic cuts and transitions, but more importantly– why)

LIGHTING- Achieving the ‘Film’ Look (Camcorder vs. DSLR/Mirrorless)

(Our very good friends Dave Lamm and Pat Ganley, from Philly-based award winning Primitive World Productions team- show us how to use very small budget to achieve many of our industry’s best looking techniques)


(Awesome Drexel Professor, Joe DiVita, explains everything from choosing the right gear and why to helping us experience the difference it can make in your project)

In addition, foley sounds have been a standard part of filmmaking “tricks” for years. These are some of the best videos you could ever see about that craft and as I always say to my students, “how much fun would this be as a job?”

Portrait of a Sound Design Artist from Storm & Shelter on Vimeo.

COLOR CORRECTION/GRADING- making the “cinematic look”

(First of all, understand that like all of these samples, one video can’t replace the years of experience that masters of their craft do everyday. However, for those of you dabbling into film and video production who want your work to ‘pop’ off the screen…here’s an amazingly simple way to achieve that effect— and turn your cinematic look into a job someday too)