Kathy Wickline Casting Agency

Since 2014, I have had the privilege and pleasure of teaching with the Kathy Wickline Casting Agency in Philadelphia.

Hosting & Spokesperson, Professional Voice-Over, Teleprompter Certification and other classes are a true joy to share with these industry professionals!

Hands-on attention is given to students looking to learn the skills of this quickly growing trade of hosting.  Many acting jobs require a professional delivery of a spokesperson or hosting personality.  There is an abundance of work in the Philadelphia market for cable TV, podcasts, commercials, industrial films, and much more! 70% of the work here is for Hosting and Spokesperson roles. Why not tap into it by learning the skills on how to host a TV segment or promote a product/service.

These classes will provide insight into the industry, and help you develop your own on-camera personality and interview technique. Find out how to earn a living in the entertainment industry by just being yourself and developing your own style. Learn the methods to read from teleprompter (most acting jobs today require this skill). 

About the Instructor:

Dave Thomas has been working in front of and behind the camera for more than 25 years. Dave is an Emmy Award-Winning, Media Savvy, Creative Thinking, Broadcast Journalist, Educator and Business Owner with Television, Film and even Radio experience. From former Presidents of the United States like Bill Clinton, to famous icons of the music, sports and comedy industries, such as Sir Elton John, Chase Utley and Bonnie Hunt, just to name a few, he has worked with many well known celebrities.

In particular, Dave spent two years studying one-on-one with the Academy Award-Winning actor Jack Palance, who helped craft Dave’s art of on camera presence and line delivery. From producing several award-winning documentaries to continuing on as a judging member of the National Academy of the Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS), Dave Thomas’s work has appeared on many major television networks including ABC, NBC and FOX. Dave Thomas continues to inspire dozens of students to conquer this competitive industry in every role. Whether you want to hone your on-camera skills or learn how to deliver lines in a genuine way that will win you that next role, Dave Thomas will lead you there!


“I was looking to fill the holes in my performances, and be competent as well as passionate. I did not understand why I had such a hard time in auditions, and after taking Dave’s class, I understand how to hit words and bring a script to life! I would recommend this class to an actor looking to take their career to the next level. Dave’s hands on, informative, and well thought out approach made it easy to communicate and feel comfortable with learning new techniques.” -Alice Wills

“If you want to learn how to host and be a spokesperson, than you should take this class. But if you want to be inspired by an educator with a passion for teaching, a love of the subject matter, and the skills to take your performance to the next level, than you need to to take this class with Dave Thomas!” – Bob Eagan

“Dave taught an informative and supportive class and I took so much away from it. It was a great experience and I learned so much!” – Rachel Williams 

“Dave is an encouragement and supporter for all of his students. I really appreciated his positive feedback, and his passion for what he does. It’s contagious!” – Kathy Patterson 

“I’ve always had an interest in how Teleprompter worked and wanted to do it. Dave made me feel at east and comfortable and confident that I can venture into that area. It was quite a pleasure and honor to meet and work with him.” – Cherri Reams 

For more information about Kathy and Kathy Wickline Casting, please check out: Kathy Wickline Casting Official Website


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